Improve your business with Parkes

We develop unique and impressive VR training simulators that inspire employees and increase productivity. Employees trains in conditions as close to real-life as possible. Employees master essential skills for their roles faster than ever before. With Parkes you will reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity.

What do we offer?


We set new trends in technology


We involve many senses


We create outstanding simulations


We help our customers to achieve their goals


Immersive environment

Employees can use VR to train as if they were really working

Data & Assessment

Rich real time insights to evaluate performance for every situation

Easy implementation

Get started fast whether it's for one team or the whole company

We train employees in a variety of fields

Which business spheres are using VR?

Light and heavy industry

Complex technical training simulators aimed at employees’ training and further skills development.


Educational programs for students, experiencing historical lessons.


Complex operations, utmost patient comfort, mental health treatment.


Employees’ education, virtual trading platforms, virtual advertising campaigns.


Virtual tours and exhibitions, recreation of cultural heritage sites and values.

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