What we do

We Deliver Qualified Training Across The Enterprise

We develop VR simulators to deliver better training for your business

Customer Service

A better way to learn how to deliver great service in any situation.

Safety & Security

Avoid workplace incidents now that training is both very realistic and very safe.

Operations & Role-Training

Learn process and procedures quicker and never make the wrong decision.Learn processes and procedures quicker and possibility to make as many attempts as needed without any real-life consequences

Crisis Management

Practice how to deal with rare but hugely important events.

Professional Training Simulators

VR Simulators for Education

Interactive Visualisations

What may our co-operation look like

We support our customers from the first day of cooperation. Parkes offers many useful services to bring your idea to life. We provide comprehensive assistance in the field of your business functions.

But why is learning in VR so much better than traditional learning methods?

Your Brain

Your brain treats VR like a real life experience. There are scientific researches, which prove that.


Experiences in virtual reality help you learn better, remember more, and improve.Experiences in virtual reality help you learn better, remember more, and improve.


Real life experiences are the best way to learn and remember.

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